Camera Swag in Veg-Tan


Happy Veterans Day, wanderers of the world wide web! Recently, a friend has purchased from me a custom leather camera strap. Leather. That’s taking the whole camera strap game to another level. …and I wanted to turn the whole process … Continue reading

DIY In Progress!!

What’s up, Internet. I’ve been gone this whole weekend and couldn’t update, but I’m so excited for this.
I’ve recently been getting into leathercrafting. Seriously. I went to the library and borrowed books on it. For a few days, I was stumped because leather shops are really hard to come by, and the tools are many. Then I noticed that my J.Crew magic wallet‘s elastics are completely dead, but the wallet itself is leather. I also noticed that my fake Louis Vuitton wallet is, well, fake. And I don’t use it. But what I do use is my new J.Crew leather cardholder and it is a thing of beauty. It truly is beautiful and I wanted another one. Not from buying, but making.


So I started to cut all the threads. Linen threads with beeswax, as I found out. Food for thought! I might have to get new X-Acto blades because I cut quite a lot of thread. After hours (seriously) I deconstructed both wallets!
Sorry this isn’t a DIY, but it’s not a DIY, yet!!! In hopes, I plan on making a leather cardholder out of the Louis V’s and the magic wallet.

Here is a visual of my progress from frigginyonsik’s instagram. Soon I’ll be able to cut!!!


You can have your Brie and eat it, too


I don’t usually post about food, unless it’s on instagram, but I just had to post this because…
Oh gawd I’m in love with Brie, and Brie’s in love with me.
(don’t worry provolone, you’re up there)
And if you have an instagram, feel free to follow ‘frigginyonsik’ and embark on my adventures with me.

Today I dedicated some time to eat snacks. But this wasn’t your ordinary afternoon snack time. This was your legendary classy snack time. I had a bag of Boudin sourdough chips from Costco and a wheel of brie. Did I mention that I love brie? Well, I do. And since I played tennis in the blazing sun this morning, I burned (pun intended) quite the calories. So I gave myself some extra chips and cheese. Plus, I didn’t want my taste buds to get so used to the flavor of Brie that my senses would stop appreciating Brie.

Now I’m going to teach you the tricks to having a classy snack time and taking pictures of it.
First, cheese is always classy. Brie, definitely. Don’t know which cheese is good? Ask your cheese-loving friends for a taste.
Second, grab some crackers. Don’t get fritzy with Ritz. Most of us finished snacking on those in elementary school. Go find some bagel chips, boudin sourdough chips, or saltines. If they’re also photogenic crackers, that’s a bonus.
Third, slice thin strips (or however way you want it) and place on crackers. Neatly! Because classy people are neat. Thus, classy snacking should be neat.

Now, for the picture taking, it’s all personal preference. I used a blank plate because that was the closest thing to classy. I’ve seen people put the finished snack on a wooden board. That’s classiness to the extreme. Symmetry also works for the arrangement, but some times you just have to go with your own aesthetics.
*Don’t forget lighting! Once you have good lighting, take the picture. Voila! You are a classy photographer, and now you can be a classy snacker.

So enjoy this picture from my classy snack time, and dream Brie dreams.
Stay classy, my friends.
(sorry for overusing the word “classy”. That is so not classy)